Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The sick continues...

Not much news from the frontline here - we are still sick with the 'green junk' and Esme is coughing a lot. We might actually keep her home from school tomorrow if she continues. I am trying to recruit Daddy to go out and get us some more juice - as I have been drinking more of it and that leaves Esme with not much. He is willing. And I have to go to work in a few hours. I was sloshing through work hours yesterday in a very grumpy state - which isn't good, because they are stepping up their 'flavor of the week demands' and it is making me a little teed off. That is not easy to do - but it is easier when I am sick and the demands seem to swirl about insignificant things rather than helping people in front of me. They were asking me to clean displays that had just been cleaned - and then cleaned them themselves just to spite me, and they were dirty again in a few hours. Why? Because those displays are under the freaking air return on the furnace. But, there is no reasoning with them. They are just passing the buck and quoting company policy about 'being clean and presentable for customers'....grr.. About 2 percent of customers are going to think anything at all about some dust in a sink bowl of a display - and even then, the situation disappears in the face of the person who actually needs a sink bowl. I brought up some 'real' concerns - things customers had been complaining about - and they came up with wild plans that involved us moving mountains to cover up a hole in the carpet. (metaphor). Like I said, I get in a bad mood when I am sick. And I just want to feel better - and have Esme be better, as well, so I am not watching in the middle of the night to make sure she is breathing okay every few hours. Yes, I still do that, especially when she is sick.

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