Friday, March 23, 2012

she's growing up...

The other night Esme was begging me to tuck her in after already refusing it less than a minute before. I told her to let her Mr.Frog tuck her in. She took a second, then said 'No Mom, he's a toy.' Tonight she was hopping around like a kangaroo carrying a basket of 'kangaroo children' who were hungry. They were imaginary, by the way. I asked her what kangaroos eat, and she said 'Wait a minute for me Mom, I'll look at my computer.' ?? She opened her laptop and used the special links I have there to go to Starfall. She went to the 'what is my pet' section, chose the kangaroo and then told me what kangaroos eat - 'grass' and popcorn, and pizza, and kangaroo food. Next thing I know she will be googling for answers!

I am working on a dress for her - 'on the fly' out of things on my table. The Simplicity 3096 was missing both of the bodice pieces, so I substituted the last Butterick pattern size 6 to try to make it up. It is looking like a pretty basic dress for her - except for the two front darts which are also not perfectly to pattern. I will see how well it works.... Esme is happy I am making her a 'robot dress' and is still playing with her Starfall.

I asked Mark about another fabric to use for sleeves for this dress - as I was out of both of the other fabrics in it. Mark says 'it works for me'. Esme pipes up 'No Daddy, it is mine. You cannot wear my dress. You are too big!' HA.

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