Sunday, March 04, 2012

catch up bits

Bits and smatterings. I cleared up the mending table, two dresses with minor problems and two pairs of pants that needed to be made into shorts. Esme and I both have colds, and I have not done that much this weekend. My nose no sooner unclogs than it starts seizing up again. The mending, some laundry, made Jell-O, played Minecraft and began to crochet a new pair of slippers. Esme still asked me to pack her backpack for another of day school 'tomorrow' - told her she would go back but not today, or tomorrow. She played more with her stethoscope and magnifying glass today - pretending to be a doctor. She listened for Loula puppy's heart - and looked in my ears as well. She has happily eaten Jell-O and chicken noodle soup today and has been sad that we have not been outside. We keep telling her to go check outside and see if it is warm yet - she says 'no, still cold.'

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