Thursday, March 01, 2012

A four year old and Minecraft

In Minecraft -
We are just sitting here often in awe of how quickly and accurately she works out the mechanics of the game - just by observation and experimentation. She knows her way around in an uncanny manner - knows exactly where she is going and what she is going to do when she gets there. She has picked up the use and purpose of most of the tools, the inventory system and even some of the more complicated things like redstone, fishing, feeding animals and cooking (fish) in the furnace. She knows what makes the fishing rod, and a few other things - and will go and get those things out of chests and ask us to help her craft the item.

Daddy had to put all of his 'hard to find stuff' in a new set of chests in a locked room - to keep Esme out of it on the multiplayer server. She asked Daddy to open the door a few times, and he said no, it was locked. He locked the door with a set of six switches, only one of them worked to open the door, which was located around the corner in another hallway. He thought that would be enough. NO - within minutes she had her character over there examining the switches, because they were new. She was playing with them, randomly, checking what they did. Just one of them made the 'open door' sound - and she paid attention to that, and looked for a door after she heard the noise. She went away and came back a few times - watching to see if we were looking at her. It was less than three hours and she had the door open and was inside the room. He is now wondering just what he has to do to make something she can't get into.

Also - she has been watching him harvest a garden with a switch mechanism that pours water down to force the harvest (so you do not have to do it piece by piece) and collects the wheat at a trough at the bottom of the hill. It is quite elaborate - and clever, I think. She knows where the seeds are kept in a chest - and knows the steps of making a garden - water, hoe the ground, plant the seeds, wait until it turns brown etc.... Wheat makes sheep have babies - and she likes that. I saw her watch Daddy harvest the garden and then she ran 'across the world' (a good distance) to a sheep field. She took out the hoe and started making a garden and put seeds in it.

Also - she is happy that my character (whom she plays at my permission) has a 'helmet' now. She was scared of him going out in the rain before - he would get wet. Now he has a hat, and he does not need to be scared of the rain. I was mining clay in a river today and it started to rain. She came up to me and said 'wait, I click the i'. She hit the inventory button (i) and said 'OK, man - you have helmet, you be ok with rain, no hurt.' Too funny.

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