Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden map so far

This is the little garden.
Mark says it looks like Eeyore...
so I am calling the map 'the Eeyore garden'
planted today:
(*)  seed
King of the Early bean (*) bush triple purpose
Parchman Lockwood Pinto (*) pole
Black Shackamaxon bean (*) pole
Maria Amazalatei's bean (*) pole
Jeminez bean (*) pole triple purpose
Goldrush (*) wax bean yellow
Bosnian (*) pole
Dragon's Lingerie (*) pole
Sunflower 'Ruby Eclipse' (*)
Sweet Basil (*)
Florida Speckled Lima bean (*) pole
Lemon Boy tomato plant
Black Krim tomato plant

We still have the 'west garden' to till and plant.  The area for the sweet corn and zucchini are planned but not planted.  Everything else is actually there.

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