Monday, March 20, 2006

Pink Owl (and how-to)

He's not perfect, but here he is!
and pink for Project Spectrum!
Is he an owl, or a pink Viking owl?

And also with my other projects from this weekend.

Here is my pattern, for your personal use.
click to enlarge

You will need:

Cotton, felt and embroidery thread in matching colours.
felt and embroidery thread in contrasting color, for beak.
Dry beans or poly pellets
Scissors, needle & thread, a marking pen, all that jazz.

Cut out the owl shape on the fold of a piece of cloth, or flip over and trace to make a symmetrical figure. Cut two.

Cut one of the 'face and tummy-patch' out of a contrasting or matching piece of felt, (or add a seam allowance if using cotton). applique stitch felt or cotton patch onto the front piece of the owl. This is easier to do before you sew the two halves together.

Add a beak, eyes and feather-stitching to the patch, if you wish, before applying it to the owl front.

If making pocket - sew top of pocket to a cotton backing (so the top is enclosed and no raw edges show) Fold pocket so that cotton is facing owl back and felt is facing out. Applique down to the owl back.

Put owl front and back with right-sides together. Sew all the way around, leaving only a 1" gap in one of the sides. Turn right-side out and stuff. You can put some dry beans or poly pellets in his bottom, before you sew him up, to help him stand up. Use a ladder stitch to sew the opening shut nicely.

Now bounce him around and annoy people, or let him sit on your computer ;o)
I am such a kid sometimes!

Outside Link: I love these bird bags I found on Crafting Japanese!


Chris said...

Hmm, he could almost be a space alien owl! :) He's awfully cute, tho.

Anonymous said...

Love the owl and the pincushions!

Chris said...

Check out the cute sheep...

RheLynn said...

Thanks Chris the sheep is cute! I still haven't made a good pattern for Miss I's sheep -- she wants a sewn one.

mrspao said...

How cute! I want to make one right now but I've packed all my crafting materials for that sort of project! Hopefully I'll move soon so I can start crafting again.