Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knitting Content, you say?

Getting there!

Doll dress
with crochet edging

Believe it or not, but knitting does go on here ;o) I often don't believe it myself!

My computer is going in for a hard-drive re-imaging, so these might be the last pictures for the week (maybe not... not sure!) I'll be borrowing another computer for work, but it won't have the camera driver on it.

Even more varnishing to do today, and we were just up on our office roof cleaning out gutters and sawing branches. What a week this has been! J has me quizzing him on his Japanese phrases, and I have to dig into the hiragana book -- as I have been avoiding it while trying to get toys ready for the shop.

Last night, something happened that was quite eerie at the time. I was in our duplex's kitchen, chopping potatoes, and started hearing this noise outside, in the shared back entry. We don't currently have neighbors, and there is an outside door that I would have heard open if anyone came from outside.

I stopped chopping. The noise stopped. I started chopping, the noise returned. Willow sat up on her hind-legs in the kitchen chair and 'prarie-dogged,' trying to figure out what was going on. This alerted me that she, too, was hearing the noise. A moment later, 'someone' started turning the doorknob on the other side -- I was scared!

It turned out to be our landlord, who had been painting in the soon-to-be-rented apartment next door, and had heard me chopping. It was quite loud, I do admit! -- a metal knife on a glass plate. He had thought it was someone tapping on the outside entryway door, or maybe even something in the basement. We both scared each other quite well ;o)


Chris said...

That's a gorgeous sock! And I love the feline presence in the background, looking unimpressed or annoyed...

Hope all is well with the computer... That situation with your landlord would've freaked me out, too! Eerie...

Heh, just read your comment - maybe Chaos was up there looking for SRM, who was rousted out from under the stove (he was beyond reach of the yardstick), but has vanished AGAIN. *sigh*

RheLynn said...

I think Willow is beginning to find all of my picture taking distasteful... or at least while she is trying to sleep.

That SRM is tricky! Maybe you should slip a little GPS tracker into it ;o)

Carrie K said...

Scary! At least you returned the favor.

I think Willow is actually eyeing either the sock or your foot as possible prey. No SRM's around evidently.

Rhiannon said...

Is your sock 2X2 ribbing?

I LOVE the purple combo, pallate is such a cool line of yarn with the whole color wheel thing!!

I scare easily and your landlord incident would freak me out very badly.

Chris said...

Hey, check this out. It's from Katia's Delicious list.