Friday, March 10, 2006

What a Day!

Apparently with our huge storm yesterday, we weren't the only ones... Memphis had a tornado :o( We finally did get our power back on at about 6 pm, and our network (of which three servers were hit by lightning!) back just before 8 pm. We run 16 websites from here - so it was quite a scramble!

Today, I walked around Paris dropping off bills (it isn't far to any of the main buildings), and knitted on my purple sock as I walked. You should have seen people crank their necks as they drove by ;o)

On to the pictures! My old machine has a new hard-drive in it, and I was able to pull pictures off of the camera today.

They are multiplying!

This is just before Sally bit Willow's ear for leaning on her!

Willow isn't quite sure what to make of these new felt friends

We pulled this turtle out of the road today near Huntingdon, TN. I put him in a field near the road and told him to stay there! ;o)

And, the girls are busy patrolling our office, (the messy place featured) making sure any bugs, leaves or bits of stray electrical tape are thoroughly investigated and pounced upon. They sound like little elephants running around here!


Carrie K said...

I love that pic of the kitty cats! Bit her ear for leaning on her, lol. But she was comfy!

Susan said...

I really love your ducks. My daughter is obsessed with ducks right now so I've been working on a little pattern for her. I'm afraid if I try to knit one she'll leave the duck phase before I finish.

RheLynn said...

Susan: ;o) What does your pattern look like? I could scan mine next week if you want to take a look (and email it) I made three green ducks (3" high) in a few hours while watching movies. Only two are shown in the pic though.

Chris said...

Wow, crazy weather down there! Glad you got all you stuff back online.

Cute ducks! Heh, I'm always amazed at how much noise galloping cats make!!

Susan said...

So far for my duck I've got the ducky shape but the plan is to put an oval bottom on it so it's sort of plump and full. That should be 2 pieces but I may need a third to get the fullness. Does that make sense?

RheLynn said...

Susan: I think so... I'll have to see it! My ducks have an oval to make them fat.. at least these little ones do. I just made a 'pancake'-type for the Mama duck and her babies.

The doll I'm making today is turning out interesting! I guess it was time to start branching out a little more and trying some new techniques.