Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday in Progress

No pictures today :o( My home internet isn't working yet on the new hard-drive... I think we forgot to download the proper driver at work :o( (I have wireless there, wired at home) I'm working on J's old computer. It does connect to the Internet, but doesn't have the ability to work with the camera.

I am making progress with several projects ;o)

The first purple sock is at the toe decreases. I am going back to the every-other pattern from the heel for the toe. I think it will reinforce it there too..?

I went out to our local thrift store and picked up two nice large pieces of fabric. One is linen, and I think the other is 100% cotton. Another lady was there before me (I should have been up earlier!) and scored all the print fabric! I was a little jealous, but mostly scolding myself for not getting there until 10 am.

Project Spectrum
I did find a plain wooden bowl there that is going to get new life with red enamel and maybe some black bamboo painted on it. The first coat of red is drying now, and it looks promising!

Also, an odd find that I love -- a 1950 book of French Prose! For a quarter! **happy sigh**

I have to finish putting the arms and legs on the tall lady doll. I'm not sure what to do after that -- there are several other softie sketches I want to bring to reality, but I've made so many recently! I'm not sure what to do next.


Chris said...

You are busy today! That bowl sounds very cool. And I'm not sure what your question is about the toe? I never do top down. :)

Darn blogger is messed up, so changes to blogspot blogs aren't showing up in bloglines. :(

RheLynn said...

Yikes! I still haven't got the 'full' hang of Bloglines yet, but someone told me the other day they wanted to comment and Blogger wouldn't let them -- sounds like they have a few things to work out!

I haven't tried toe up yet -- I love my dpns! I've got a lot to work out too though, when it comes to making socks. My ladders are atrocious!

stuffed said...

I haven't posted the patents yet. I mean, is the modern world ready for dolls designed in 1893?

I'm just kidding. I completely forgot all about it. I'll go do it now.

RheLynn said...

heh! ;o) thanks a.lee!
I drew a pattern today that I am prototyping now. If it works like I think it should, we can trade!

Carrie K said...

It sounds like it will reinforce it. I try to make the heel extra cushiony which is not at all helpful when you're talking about toes.

Lot of problems with blogs lately. I never did get on bloglines (I mostly go from my bookmarked favorites) but I've been cut out of my site and others.

I think you should do a sloth. For one thing, my brother's birthday is coming up and it's his favorite animal (his hero, really). Oh. For another? I think a sloth would be fun.

RheLynn said...

A sloth would be quite a challenge! I wonder if I have enough of the right colours around here... **disappears into the supply box**

Chris said...

You can cut down on ladders if you pull the first and 2nd stitches on each needle a bit tighter than you usually would. :)

You can use DPNs on toe-up socks - in fact, there's pattern link to one in my sidebar and it's for DPNs!

RheLynn said...

I've gotten the rythym down with worsted weight, in pulling the stitches as I go -- but not yet in this fingering weight. I guess I need more practice! (and closer attention to what I am doing *whistles*)