Friday, March 03, 2006

Insect (and a purple sock update)

Illlustration Friday: Insect
'The Buzz'

I'm working some more on my purple socks, and Willow really wants to help.

She says: Please can I bite them? I'm asking nicer now!
This is her 'cute' face. And now she is 'mugging' me as I try to type.

Funny, and not so funny: Our boss' dog pulled J's wallet out of his pocket, while they were talking. His library card and ATM card (and the main wallet also) are in shreds! Luckily his driver's license only has a small puncture... is that OK?


Carrie K said...

That pic is upside down, right? Or that is one determinedly helpful kitten.

I'm having sock envy.

RheLynn said...

No it's right side up! She jumped for it!

Chris said...

Hee hee - it took me a minute to get the perspective on that picture - it did look like she was hanging upside down from the ceiling at first!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! *hug*

Purple sock is pretty!

Rhiannon said...

Love the Buzz!!

I am awed by your drawings :)

Susan said...

I love the Buzz! I really love the purple sock. I'm a big fan of all things purple.

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone!

Chris, ;o)

Wee Cottage said...

Great insect drawing. The kitty is very cute too.

The Unknown said...

Great illo cute.
nice sock too.