Friday, March 17, 2006

White Elephants!

New pattern I am prototyping (2 versions)

This guy qualifies for the Use what I Have thread Simple Sparrow started (and Chris pointed me to!) All of his materials were already in my 'stash' of sewing materials. There is a flowered (four-legged) version coming too, but it is a bit more complicated to prototype.

I had squirreled away a ziploc bag, full of 'beads I'll use someday.' They used to be in a green ceramic bowl, but now I have cats and it is broken ;o) :o{ So - why let them sit at the bottom of my sewing box, when they can add so much?

I put Madeleine up in the shop, finally... I had to get a good picture of her back that did not include a Sally-cat ;o)

The more softies I make, the better, I think, my sewing is getting. The handsewing is getting quicker, and I like working out the puzzle of the new patterns as well.

Speaking of patterns: Wee Wonderfuls had a beautiful fox the other day at her site! She is a real cutie ;o) I wish the fox that has been sighted around here at work was this cute! We are a little worried he might get in the fence and get after the kittens!!! :o(

Two great cooking links :
  • Vegan Lunchbox
  • Cooking for Engineers (via Yarnstorm blog Thanks Chris!

    I'm thinking of making a few of those 'Russian piroshkas', from Vegan Lunchbox, tonight -- except on a grander dinner-size scale.

    oh, and btw, Happy St.Patrick's Day! If you didn't listen to NPR this morning, you missed beautiful Irish Harp music ;o)

    Chris said...

    You're welcome!! I love Jane's (of yarnstorm) eye for color relationships - and she makes the most beautiful food! You would think she was a professional food stylist, but she claims not. :)

    That elephant is very cute!! It makes sense that with all this practice, you'll just get better and faster and faster and better. :)

    RheLynn said...

    Oh I forgot - I did look at Yarnstorm - both of the pictures in the first food post were fabulous! I love the green apple colour, and the red onions were very appealing as well.

    I've got a few completely free hours (at work) for the first time in weeks --- have to figure out what to do with it ;o) Tomorrow we are digging up the garden plot and starting seeds (yes, at work... someday I'll have to make a post just about the varied things that make this place a wonderful and strange place to work!)

    Carrie K said...

    That elephant is darling.

    So're the kittens of the previous post.

    Also cool links on the Big Bang.