Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday again, and old picture, old friend?

We went down to the Humane Society's booth here in town, they were having an event. There is a kitten, slightly smaller than ours, that looks just like one of the kittens from their litter. The one up front in this picture, besides Willowpede. We wonder if it is him -- but we can't have any more than the two we have. Our boss says our kittens are big for their age, from being spoiled and well-fed.

We were getting info about 'fixing' our two girls - possibly also for their mom and other females out at the office. They gave us a reccommendation for the animal clinic that has been the most helpful (to the Society). They sound like good people, who have lots of experience with this.

I finished the red mini-cable sock and am working on the second one. I was too tired last night to fuss with it. The mini-cables are a bit much-to-handle while tired. I decided to fiddle with regular cables for a few minutes before bed... The experiment was mostly successful, but also knitted too-tightly. Skill takes practice... 'tis true.

My spindle should be here next week, with EXTRA FIBERS! YAY! (Thanks Annie May!) I'm happily watching videos and hoping I will soon be making yarn. J is talking about 'when we get land' and looking up plans for building houses and a greenhouse. We have some big dreams — but hopefully they are to the scale of our abilities.

Links :
Cabling without a cable needle : Yarnpath

I wonder if I can do that... hmm
Well, J is crying 'BISCUITS!' so I should go bake before he dies of starvation ;oP


Ria said...

those ar adorable kittens!

RheLynn said...

Thanks ;o) This was about a week before we brought our two home with us. They had just had a BIG day climbing on an old satellite dish.

This, BTW, is how Salamander got her name! She was the last one to get down off the satellite dish. We had to crawl up with a ladder. She was hanging on for dear life at the very edge of the dish -- like a salamander stuck to a wall.