Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Anyone seen a Blind Terrier with No Fashion Sense?

Bad, Old Picture of Sparky,
the Terrier(mix) in question

I'm knitting a dog coat for my 'old man', a 19 year old terrier/pomeranian mix that still lives with my mom in Minnesota. It was 12° there this morning! When it was 44° here!

The poor old guy. He was my first puppy. My mom got Sparky for me when I was eight. He never grew very big but he has always been a happy dog that is never far from someone's heels. He has went blind in the last two years, though. He no longer remembers which door is the outside and which is the basement. My Mom is worried he won't live through this winter, and asked me to make a coat to help keep him warm.

The vet tried to convince her to 'put him to sleep' now, before it gets cold. I don't see any sense in that! He is so happy, even while blind, puttering around and finding any available lap to curl up in.

All I have is woolease (which my mom says is scratchy) and a lot of orange and turquoise acrylic. So, my poor old man will have no fashion sense. But then, he IS blind, so can we forgive him?

In other news : Pink bunny (stalled), red cable socks (in progress)

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