Wednesday, November 09, 2005

SAD no retro rib socks for me

I am glad I learned the two new stitches -- but I can't do the pattern.
I don't have the size 2 dpns or a yarn fine enough to make this particular pattern. So, for the Solid Socks KAL, I will make a pair of red Wool-Ease socks, and probably also a pair of grey ones. I have the needles, the pattern, and the yarn. Any other yarn or goodies that come along between now and New Years Eve may be also get assigned to this!

I've used up all of my spare Ebay money and cannot go looking for new needles and yarn. But -- I have my spindle to look forward to!

The Nordic Mittens require size 1 & 2 dpns. I own a pair of 3s, 4s and what I think is a pair of 6s. So, I will have to wait a bit. It might give me that last push into doing a Knitpicks order.

SKILL!: I learned mini-cables from the Knitting for Baby book! Also the stitches ktbl and ssk for the sock pattern I couldn't do.

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