Monday, November 07, 2005

Midnight Rambling - on to the week

There is a part of me, that looks at all of the patterns in the knitting books and says, 'That looks logical - We can figure that out'.

And there is the other part of me, that looks at the same pattern and says, to the first, 'Not without a WHOLE LOT of tears...'

Some people call them the right and left brain ;o)

Anyway, I'm looking through my stack of knitting books... I've looked
through them a million times before. The right brain - the geometrical part, is telling me to try. It is measuring lengths and counting stitches.

My left brain is nice and logical -- telling me to take things slowly, look for great tutorials and remember what worked. If I got it to work once, maybe it will work again, maybe not. Logical and pessimistic can sometimes overlap.

So I guess I will just try to see what comes out.

Links : I've been cruising about for more projects I can't do ;o) -
Raglan sweater 'calculator'
Sweet Georgia
Vegan knitters!?!?!
One Good Bumblebee
Cute kittens! This blogger has cats that look like Willow in her flicker photos!

And who else I was reading the last few weeks? :
Pick up Sticks
Plath's Adventures in Knitting
Something from Nothing
Laura's Thoughts
credit, where credit is due. thanks for letting me wander your pages.

And -- more MAIL will come for me! (no one in MN mails me :o(
But.. they do call me on the phone which actually costs more! EEK
Learn to Spin kit from AnnieMay's spin & wool!
Vintage 1966 book - Knitting Men's Classic Sweaters Knit 8 versions

I am going to be busier than ever when all of that comes in ;o)
Maybe I will even let a few days go between entries!

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