Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Maize and Flowers

Original design by Marie Winger-Meyer
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I wonder, can I knit this? Will it take learning intarsia, or can it be done in stranded knitting? I'll have to see when I order the Palette box. I have the invoice all ready to send!

It might make a good felted needle-case, or something similar. On second thought, maybe the design would get lost if it was felted... Palette colors would be.. Wood, White, Lemon, Blue and Mist(lighter blue/grey).

This is my own original design playing around in the Gimp. (ie. - Please do not use it for commercial items) I guess it is fun to chart designs with a mouse when one cannot type well...;o)

OK, so I'm a genius(sarcasm)... I should have stayed at home today. Instead, I come to work still looking like Radiation-Burn-Girl, put the wrong soap in the dishwasher, and ended up fighting the Bubble Blob for a half-hour. THEN I put Medium-Hot Salsa on our pasta instead of spaghetti sauce... LOTS of it — H-O-T. Anyone got one better?

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