Sunday, November 06, 2005

Miso soup and yarn, not together.

Miso soup for breakfast! No wakame though :o( But still, MISO! MISO! Isn't it surprising? A little town that has no LYS except Wal-Mart (which doesn't count!), has a 'natural foods store' that carries miso? They have quinoa, too!

Decent Miso Soup :
Low-Budget Equipment - small sauce pan and a spoon (plastic will work), stove
About 2-3 cups of boiling water. Turn off the water.
Drop in a good tablespoon of miso (sweet white is what we have, red is better).
Mash, stir... Mash a bit more, stir. Drain off the liquid to get more miso that needs to be mashed. Once you have mashed your miso to satisfaction, heat it back up.
Don't boil it!
When it is hot enough to be soup, turn it off, pour it into a bowl, and enjoy.

If you have wakame and tofu :
Soak about four 4 inch pieces of wakame (broken up) in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes. Drain. They are now hydrated (aka Slimy). Put them in the miso soup after it is mashed, heat up with miso (and maybe a little longer). Wakame tastes a little like weird spinach, but the salty-richness of the miso makes a good combination. Believe me, I don't like spinach (maybe with LOTS of butter...)

Tofu - extra firm, toss it around in a separate skillet for a few minutes if you wish. Otherwise, just drop a few cubes into the soup as you heat it up.

Miso soup is good. Even the instant miso soup I've had is good! The instant often contains something called 'bonito', though... and that is a type of dehydrated fish reduced to flakes. J is vegan - so we get the miso paste.
If you have a better recipe - mail me!

OK - on to knitting, and yarn.
I went through my stash. It is a sad stash. The only fibers in it that may be quality yarns - are unidentified and lonely. I have a lot of thrift store yarn that should be made into useful things. Willowpede slept in my stash last night while we watched our movies. Sally slept in between J's experimental kumquat trees in the front room.

My rainbow slippers are almost done. Then I can throw my pink bunny slippers in the wash and not be completely sad if they don't survive :o( The sock-making process is speeding up... a lot. Writing down the # of rows before decreasing and a decrease-pattern for *my size* helped eliminate a lot of try-ons and comparisons.

Midnight Movie (last night) : The Thomas Crown Affair (1999 remake) ***-

This is TOO CUTE to leave off. A big-eared little grey-knit bunny from the Bunny-along blog.

Really, I AM blogging everyday, but this is for my benefit. I get to see the progress, and keep electronic notes. J said I should use this blog as a 'wiki'... collecting all the information I use, things I find and what, in general, has been going on. In three years when we have a house, land, a baby and a few Jacob sheep running around.. we can look back and say 'You had TIME to do all that?'... hehe.

UPDATE : I asked J what he wanted for Christmas (because my mom asked me today - I didn't have anything to tell her)... he had a great "answer".
Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men..
and vegan biscuits at least once a week.

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