Tuesday, November 22, 2005


J called his older sister in MN, who works in a pharmacy. She told him to get OTC Benadryl extra strength for my poison ivy, and for me to take it as often as allowed. The anti-histamine in it is supposed to calm down the reaction, giving the raw areas time to heal. I read online that it will just ease the itching (which it hasn't), not heal/stop the rash. But I can see results, and will keep taking it.

It seems to be working - or the placebo effect is.. one of the two. I am now healing a bit faster than the poison ivy can spread. Still, I stayed at home today and telecommuted. Putting on jeans was not an option. My house is a mess -- and I'm not doing anything about it... yet.

Pink bunny is getting some ears and hopefully more limbs. Sally ran off with one of the ears-in-progress and I had to chase her. Not much else going on. Thanks for the comment on the Zanfel? My DH J had gotten some of that the other night, it might have contributed (to the healing)-- broke all the blisters open on my hands. PAIN! Maybe they needed that before they could start to heal.

Willow enjoys sleeping on wool knitting projects and playing hop-chase.

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