Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dreams for yarn that is yet to come.

We just came back from tearing down the fence at the office garden. Later, I need to give J a haircut. The "temporary" purple dye he put in, on a dare this summer, is still noticeable! He had a buzz cut at the time. The rest of the hair has grown so long though, it looks like he has purplish dust in his hair.

I was browsing around today and here is what I found.

There are two absolutely beautiful shawls in this book at Nestucca Bay. One of them has roses and the other spirals.
I want to try knitting the Blackberry Edging at this site, just to see what it looks like... there isn't any picture.
I found a German knitblog, Susan's Palace with lots of neat FOs - and I like seeing how much I can read ;o) She has some English on her site too... or use Babelfish
This is a beautiful book, Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts. I read a little bit of it on Google books - this is an awesome lady! With the link here maybe I can check back on it after the first of the year. Hint: the book starts getting into a great description of the lady AFTER page 24, the last page shown on Amazon. I read three pages beyond this, and was amazed! I could only hope for such talents!
Online Article at Women's Book Illustrators site

And why am I browsing so much today? My Knitpicks order is out in the mail, sailing its way to Vancouver. Sometime in the next few weeks I will go to the office to find a nice big box full of new wool yarn and bamboo needles. I splurged even more than the box of Palette -- getting two skeins of Shadow lace yarn (merino!) in the Redwoods colorway!

This was such a cute little picture! From the public domain knitting pictures gallery here that I found by going to The 8 Track Knitting Diva's blog.

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