Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Knit, knit, knit! and a tornado watch!

One down! - One to go!

I've been knitting!
My pink bunny has progressed, with a finished head, body and one leg. I took the red mini-cable socks to work today instead (as the bunny looked kind of odd at this stage).

Bad Weather
We are under a tornado watch for tonight - and the weather outside shows it. Rain, lighting, high winds... I am glad the kittens are here at the office with us instead of at home. I know we don't have any kids yet (I'd be worrying about them if we did), so I guess I worry about the kittens instead. Everything else at our house would be replaceable in a storm...

We watched more Mermaid's Forest last night. As an anime, it sucks. I don't usually use even that kind of language (I had a strict upbringing), but this movie warrants it.

Sally being observant
and generally cute.

Went down to the library bookstore this morning. I selected about ten 1968-1989 knitting magazines, including some old Columbia-Minerva pattern booklets! The sign said 25 cents per magazine — I expected to pay more for the booklets. The lady said —
"Nobody ever looks at these. If you want them, just give me a dime apiece."
Wow! I tried arguing with her actually, over the old books, but she wouldn't hear it. Very nice!

Daily Observance :
Showing a housecat an open door, in a bad rainstorm,
could be described as a form of torture.

Slightly flattened close-up of mini-cables

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