Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Green Ribbed HAT

It's a HAT! (it was a disaster, last time). I'm glad I decided to try again!
How-to (notes)
80 stitch cast-on on a size 6, 16inch circular needle, with green Simply Soft yarn. k1p1 ribbing, then change to k2p2 2x4 basketweave for three pattern rows, then k2p2 until the hat reached 8.5 inches, then begin to decrease on 4 dpns every third stitch, until there were 15-20 stitches, then decrease every other stitch until there were ten stitches, then weave-off as for sock toes.

J stole it when I asked him how it looked! I have to make him one now, but just a little longer (he has a slightly longer forehead than I do). It is a close-fitting toque with a 1 inch rolled brim (k1p1 brim). It is super-warm... if this was made out of wool I'd be roasting.

It will go on a test-bike to the post office tomorrow morning! I won a 1940s sweater pattern book on Ebay... have to get a m/o for it.

**Update** : Wore it to the post office (on a wet head, blocked? :o) The only comment I got was from an older lady, to her husband. 'It isn't time for a hat yet, is it?' Well... this IS the South... I guess they think a yarn hat has to be worn when it is 'cold'... which is about 45° :o} Anyway, I'll need to take a pic when I find the camera *see below*

I bought more film for the camera we have that actually has a FOCUS. We were using a garage-sale find camera that required a 2-3 foot shooting distance for any picture it took... Now, however, I have to find the camera of which I speak... last seen in a black backpack that no longer inhabits the floor of my truck. I know I brought it in the house somewhere. Somewhere, is the problem...

:o)! Martians Kidnap Santa Claus (pic)...
Netflix tonight: Mystery Science Theater 3000 - MST3K - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.. (really, that IS the title) ;o) It was hilarious! (Another review) WAV File from : 'Mrs. Santa Claus has positively identified the kidnappers as Martians'

The kittens learned today what static electricity is. Willow was freaked out so much she jumped away any time either of us reached out towards her. Poor girl, I think she got it on the nose. Sally didn't mind as much, just looked annoyed. Not much to be helped -- they are fuzzy and the air is dry now!

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