Tuesday, October 10, 2017

poison ivy like plant reaction

I got into something in the chicken yard, and have a poison ivy like plant reaction all the way down one arm and in between the fingers on my other hand... *oh joy*  sometimes this can turn into a nightmare for me... watching it

Made a ketogenic (near) meal to take to work - have to close.

1/2 cup pumpkin with 1 tbsp butter on top
1/3 cup frozen bok choy
1 large egg cooked
1.5 oz of chopped sirloin beef (leftover from the dinner Mark cooked last night)
1 oz of kerrygold cheese (score on clearance, it is really good)
1 tbsp of sunbutter

I'm taking that for lunch.  For breakfast I had 3 tbsp of coconut milk in  coffee and the last serving of salmon with some mozzarella cheese and an 'extra fluffy' (not low-carb, but less carb than usual) tortilla wrapped around it.

This Friday I'll have been trying to adhere to the near-ketogenic diet for three weeks.  I've cheated some days - I admit it.  I've had a piece of pizza with the girls on their sleepover, and made a peanut butter and jelly (1 tbsp and 1 tsp of each) on a single piece of bread in the late evening when things weren't sticking from dinner.  But most days the carbs have been between 40 and 65.  And I like what the Primal Blueprint said about sometimes you have to 'refeed' and deal with the consequences, because this is real life, and even in the 'primal wild' there would be those days when you would find something really good that was outside the norm, eat it, and get on with things.  Just don't make it an every night occurrence or it isn't really an 'extraneous circumstance' anymore.

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