Thursday, October 05, 2017

bit and a painting

I saw a beautiful painting that I liked, but couldn't come close to buying - so I thought I'd try that same flavor and paint one myself as a relaxation exercise yesterday.  It turned out not bad - there is something I really like about the eyes.  Mark says my fox is happier than the one in the painting I was looking at.. which is nice to hear.  It is very expressionistic - the bright colors were in the other painting too, in dabs and dashes, but somehow they are even brighter in mine.

We went out and played ball yesterday, but I opted just for a walk up the road today.  I like what 'The Primal Blueprint' says about spontaneous exercise and play - and just getting up and moving when you're feeling bored etc.  I do have a nasty bruise on my leg from catching it on a car door last week - and I thought I'd just take it easy tonight and rest up, read and pack my lunch for tomorrow.  I also upped myself to two tortillas with my meal tonight (spaced about an hour and a half apart) because I was hungrier and still only at 68 carbs for the whole day.  Primal Blueprint allows 50-100 grams of carbs for the near ketogenic zone although they ask not to do it with any grains.....(he recc to have a sweet potato or 'ancient grain' like quinoa or wild rice)  but also to find your own zone and experiment to see where you feel your best.

 I put sunbutter in one of the tortillas and peanut butter and cream cheese and roast beef in the other one.   Esme and I had the rest of the catfish fillets with mozzarella cheese and oregano and garlic on them.  She was salivating over the plate of fish as I divided it up.  That is a win recipe.

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