Sunday, October 01, 2017


I'm finding I'm cooking a lot more (from mostly base ingredients), and needing more time to prep meals that I know will fit with the 'macros' I'm trying to reach.  I've been staying up in the mornings and/or getting up several hours earlier to have time to cook.  'Macros' is the term the fitness tracker uses for how much carbohydrate vs. protein vs. fat you have had during the day.  I'm consistently coming in about 60% fat, and 20-25% carb and 15-20% protein.

And I feel like I'm pulling off 'superman' days - which we used to do once a week or every other week - but now I'm doing it every couple of days.   I get lots of things done, my laundry and sweeping as well as the cooking and some exercise... Mark does the dishes.  And of course, still working full-time moving around all the vanities, showers, toilets etc.  I am keeping moving at work much longer each day, too - just keep finding something to do even though it involves climbing ladders and moving the equipment to get things down... I was climbing up and down the ladder with faucets over and over yesterday and knew that it was usually about that time I was exhausted and wishing it to be over -and it was still 'ok'.. just needed to get it done etc.

I do still feel very tired when I go to bed every night - nodding off at my language lesson etc... but I am staying up the entire day too - , very few days where there is an extra nap (partially because of the cooking, partially because I'm just naturally waking up early).  So, I'm tallying that up to more energy, more productivity...

It took until yesterday for my arms to stop telling me I'd killed them the other day.  I guess that means its time to go do the arm exercises again tomorrow.  I have tomorrow and the next day off.


I had another thought as to why I am impressed with this ketogenic (near ketogenic) diet.  This is one of the few times I have read something about a process my body SHOULD do, and it has actually been right in many of the details.  I have a long history of my body not following the 'norm' - in general yes, but not in the details.  Even when I was pregnant with Esme there were things that just didn't follow the 'normal' patterns - so wonderful to have had the people on the Australian mothering board that let me know everything was 'a kind of normal' they had heard about - just not the mainstream one in all the What to Expect books *heh*. 

What the diet book I read 'Eat Fat, Get Thin' said would happen on this diet is happening - the weight loss, the thirst, the bounceback, the change in cravings, and the energy.  And some of that was happening before I got to that part in the audio book - which was doubly interesting.  I feel like this is a system that works for my body type, which makes me more likely to stick with it.

There were peppers and tomatoes in my garden this morning!  A handful of small green peppers and three grape tomatoes.  For this late in the year (October 1st) it is amazing.  They must have liked the warmer weather after the rainy spell.  I am enjoying the tomatoes in my spinach and olive salad.

The blue morning glories I planted early in the garden season are also blooming in profusion.  The vine has been there all along, but it has chosen now to explode into these intense blue blossoms.  They are beautiful! 

They are even more intense in person. 
They caught me from across the entire yard and I had to go look at them.


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