Friday, October 06, 2017

little bit

We are planning to take a trip to the park tomorrow, and have to buy a birthday present so it probably means our pup cannot  come with :(  After our friends get back from their wedding attendance, we will have a sleepover :)  I found a wonderful rug for Esme's room - it is a little bigger than the one she had under her desk (one I knit), and I think it is gorgeous.  I saw it a week and a half ago but I didn't think it was for sale then.

I'm looking into the bruising factor, which seems to be a common complaint on those who have dropped grains and limited carbs and sugars.  But I can't see where I'm not getting the right minerals and vitamins.  The only thing that seems to be a good explanation is that fish products thin your blood a little which makes you more perceptible to bruising.  That site reccommended to stick to chicken and beef for about a week to see if that helped.  B12 deficiency can sometimes be a factor - but mackerel and salmon both have very high amounts!  I've looked at my daily/nightly vitamin and it has Vitamin C and B12 in it.

On the good notes.  I feel pretty good - not the super excellent bouncey I felt that first week, but still pretty good levels and only tired when rightly so... I think with losing this weight that I look a little younger.  I also like the way I feel when I move much more than I had in the past... the feel of my better toned muscles and flatter stomach is nice!  So, I will continue working on this diet and experimenting at the edges.  Both of the programs gave ways to experiment, merge up and down with carb levels, test out foods to see how well they work in the diet etc... It's not meant to be a three weeks and done thing, but a way of life and a way of learning what your body wants and needs.

So, off to the park tomorrow!  Hope the weather is nice :)  Maybe we'll bring the Frisbee if I can find it.

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