Saturday, October 14, 2017

the bits and the snags

Oh, this poison ivy is making me irritable... today seemed to take forever to get over at work.  It's getting better for the most part,  but new spots keep showing up at the same time.  GROWL!  I felt so bad I went and ate some sugar last night... and had to tell myself that it will be okay, I won't gain all ten pounds back in one night just because I did that.  Just get back on the program.   I'm trying not to be obsessive.. to roll with the punches.. but the poison ivy is a pretty big punch to go along with a full week of closing shifts.

I have a day off tomorrow, and we're going to an exotic animal fair for a bit.  We will NOT, not I tell you - come back with an Arctic Pocket Giraffe or a sugarglider or a pony. 

Esme went to the birthday party today and they all had fun.  It sounds like she had a really good time with her friend.

She also told me about what she wanted for a Halloween costume, but that I could help her make it after my poison ivy went away - so I wouldn't have to deal with two things at once.  Sweet, actually.

I will be much happier when it is gone... but at the rate its going it is going to be a while....

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