Monday, October 02, 2017


We took Lucy into the town to meet some new people at my work and have a walk in the park.  She did really good for a youngster, and now she's all tuckered out.

I've been out in the yard planting a chrysanthemum and some crocus bulbs.  I got the 'mum' mostly because I wanted to see if Esme would notice it on her walk home from school or not.  We also got more bricks, because I'm going to put the crocuses just in front of where I added the peach daffodils last year, and that meant moving the brick line out some.

I'm thinking to try some pistachio crusted salmon tonight.  I saw a recipe for it in the other diet book I was reading - which is about the 'Primal Blueprint', and very similar to the 'Eat Fat Get Thin' philosophy.

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