Saturday, October 07, 2017

A bit of redecorating

 Relaxation and reading area.  I put my fox painting on the wall, and gave her the fox amigurumi I made last year, which it isn't able to be seen, but he is hugging 'A Wrinkle in Time' and protecting it for our next reading session.  I knit the rug on the floor a year or so ago, and it has been through the washing machine numerous times.  It's nice to put your feet on when reading.

Roger the tiger is guarding.
Cookie Rabbit is in the clothes hanger organizer, along with another vibrant pink lion that was a Valentine toy but I don't think ever kept a name.  She has her red ibis (flamingo, it gets called often) that I made up in her bed as a pillow.

A new rug under her desk, star shaped string lights above her bed so she can 'sleep under the stars', and she is actually using the hanger organizer I bought for her closet area - so it was a good investment.  She spent her allowance today on a scented candle and saved allowance on a dragon shaped water fountain.

This is her memory box, which has lots of rocks she has found or gotten from shops or geology kits, and snail shells and shells from the lakes, a suncatcher from Grandma, a tag she wore for Veteran's Day with my father's name on it and a few other things in there. 

We didn't get to go to the park today, it started raining.  We did get the present for the bday party next week and then did all this instead.  Esme begged for kielbasa and peppers, which I made.  We have to wrap the gift and then in a bit our guest is due to arrive for the sleepover!

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