Sunday, October 08, 2017

Bit with a dose of zen

Had both the girls for a sleepover and they've been up most of the night then crashed in my bed come daylight.  It's noon now and they are back to Mine crafting.

Our chickens both escaped yesterday and we considered letting them go wild for good... but then it rained and they came back.  No eggs in months we think Esme has been skimping and/or forgetting food so I am going to take over.

I cleaned off my plant shelves and made a zen-like garden out of some things I found.  The ceramic thing in the tray is a little frog from the 'Mexican Tonala pottery style'.  What I like best about it is it has a white rabbit painted on its back with bushes and drinking from a pool of water.  I'm sure I found it at a flea market stand somewhere around here.  This morning while the children slept I took ideas from a paint color card and ended up with a strange and alien painting.

Need to sketch more again...
(Pictures taken on my tablet)

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