Tuesday, July 03, 2012

orange bits

First cured pumpkin of the year

lots more tomatoes to boil down so we can can later this week

Esme is proud of herself because she can get the straw for her drink packs out of the little plastic wrap it is in now, and she used to have to ask us for help with that before.

As she was helping stir tomatoes in the water earlier I hear softly sung : 'Don't go breaking my heart... oh no, don't go breaking my , no don't go breaking my heart...' and had to wonder if that was really what I was hearing. Yes, it is from the Chicken Little movie. She was helping us pick up and sort tomatoes as well.

I got a total of about seven Kenearly yellow eye beans out of the garden. A lot was lost out there in first the storm that pushed everything over, then mold, then a terrible heat streak most recently. But, there has still been a lot of produce. There is a handful of Bosnian dried beans for seed, some Mayflower and hopefully some others as well. I have about two dozen pods strung up in the drying area and hopefully they will produce some good seed for Providers and Hutterites and a few others.

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