Monday, July 02, 2012

Tomatoes and Corn


Linda ladeewolf said...

I am glad you got home safe from your trip, I am sorry though that you had such a bad time, survival mode is what my husband and I have been in several times out where we live, we have had power outs for up to two weeks, that takes out water and heat as well and makes survival food a necessary thing here, we always keep certain things here that don't require refrigeration and I only make enough for the two of us so there is no waste. It is also good that you have the brains as you put it to make these decisions. Did you ever find out what happened to your car?

RheLynn said...

The car was submerged for nearly a week in the area of Duluth that had the worst flooding - 500 year flood - they called it. They said it was not salvageable as a vehicle and that very little inside it would be useable after being in 'soup' for that long. The insurance company should cover the vehicle itself... but they said it would take up to two or three weeks to examine it.