Sunday, July 29, 2012

Irrigation channels in the west field garden

Esme enjoying the mud.

A girl and her (plastic) frog

Loula accompanying us

A trail of muddy footprints (and a lost shoe a bit later on...)

Four different colors of broomcorn from last year's harvest

Irrigation channels dug with a hoe
I was using natural channels already, but dug them a bit more connected so now I can put the hose in one place, turn the water on, and it will run to nearly every plant in the garden. Of course, after a heavy rain I will need to come down and make sure the channels stay clear.

More views of the channels

irrigation channels

The goat named Kitty wants to eat the corn...
I'm holding paper seed packets waiting for Mark to come trade places with me holding her back.

Planting rows of sorghum while balancing between irrigation channels
(picture courtesy of Mark)

The water from uphill was already running down here - so I brought some extra seeds with to plant sorghum broomcorn and sunflowers down here in what was turning into a river delta. If the sorghum grows well I'll add black eyed peas which will climb them, but will not plant the peas until the sorghum is at least 4 inches tall.

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