Friday, July 06, 2012

popcorn harvest, canning tomatoes, Esme games

With the threat of a small amount of rain in the air (which we did get some later) I pulled in the strawberry popcorn and the rest of what looked like keepable for seed in the beans. Esme saw me tying bean pods on string and requested a piece - she had some interesting games tying her little figurines to it and there are pictures to follow of those.

the entire popcorn harvest

sunflower seeds
There are a lot of heads to process out in the garden still...

some random beans
Bosnian pole, pinto, Mayflower, Kenearly yellow eye and maybe a few others

Esme was trying very hard to do something with these figures tied to string on the fridge. She kept crying it was too hard, but not telling me what the goal was.

This was the goal. She said the boy and the girl are at a party and they have balloons and they go flying. I would not have thought that - but yes, it makes perfect sense *ha*

This one ended in disaster later...
She said she was tying them into the bike so she could take
them to the gorcery store. But riding the bike in this condition proved difficult and scissors were then involved...

We have about two gallons worth of tomatoes canned up downtairs, mostly Mark's effort on the processing end. I need to look at making another thin fabric dress for Esme like the one in the pictures - it has been her favorite lately (read hard to get off her and wash).

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