Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wednesday bits

We all got up early and went to town today - donuts and groceries. Esme had some growing pains at first at the store, about wanting to see toys instead of food. She hung on the cart and cried and made a ruckus, but then she straightened out and held my hand and helped push the cart after a few minutes. She said an acorn squash was a pumpkin, and a nectarine was a peach and a rutabaga was a cabbage. Not too bad at all in those id skills - rutabaga is closely related to cabbage!

When we came home I pulled half of the old cornstalks out while Esme rolled back and forth among them before and after I had pulled and stacked them. I planted no seeds - it was getting hot and I wanted the clearing work done first. We went inside and washed two dogs in the bathtub, then Grandma wanted us to help her start her lawnmower. We hung around while Grandma learned to drive it again - just in case she needed help. It was hot and dusty there and I was getting itchy sweating and staying still trying to keep Esme and the goat from getting anywhere near the machinery. I never could get back to the garden. By the time I got home and washed Esme I was badly in need of a nap. I got half of one while Esme watched Electric Company and Daddy playing dragon game at the same time.

We made fish sticks and played ball, then read a Splat the Cat book and watched Harry Potter - to which Esme finally fell asleep after having run at full speed and with considerable crankiness since early in the morning. 7:30 am to 11 pm.... and Mama was the one who needed the nap! We might should be worried that her activity level is so very high and constant - teachers are not going to know what to do with her when she gets to school, especially if she is disinterested in what they have to teach that day... definitely no attention deficit there - she can sit and watch an entire movie or put together a block tower of immense size, but she has lots of energy and is also stubborn about not listening to things she has already left behind in the dust. She often gets up after she has completed a task and will run around doing many small things for an hour at high speed, then calm down to one item again. I do not know how that will pan out in a school setting - especially when there are other children she would rather be interacting with.

Tomorrow I have a consultation with a doctor over something at work - and Esme has her school. I need to ask about pre-k registration and if she can continue in this school further this year. She has made the leap to asking and answering questions relevantly where she had not done so before the summer. She has also picked up a few new phrases 'I promise.' and 'I understand now, I can do it.'

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