Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday garden and Paintings by Esme

red french marigolds

strawberry blonde sunflowers

My garden helpers

Grandma and Esme and I went to the library today, and a bit more around town. I spent quite a bit of time in the garden and Esme spent most of the day getting clothes soaked in the big yard water bucket and then getting dirty. At one point she came in the house and said she had found a can opener in a hole in the side of the mountain, and we needed to go with her. Out in the bern (an enbankment of dirt heaped up near the woods) Loula and her had dug a deep hole. In the hole was a root beer can with the tab showing - the 'opener' was the tab on the can. So, she had found a can opener. *ha*.

I planted some more yellow marigolds in the garden, harvested some lemon basil and mint for tea and pulled in more seeds of several things to dry. The black Krim tomato needed to be tied to the fence and a lot of things needed water. There was a short rain last night, but it wasn't a whole lot! Just before sunset I began to clean out the back area where the radishes and squash were early in the year... hopefully there will be enough cool weather (or early/late timing) to pull more of it out tomorrow. Esme wants 'corn I can bite' to be planted - and I'm not sure if that is a good place but maybe.

My wisdom tooth is still hurting in my jaw - but I am making do with a few home remedies to see if it will go away like the last time. Cough drops held over the area and ibuprofen have been working. I've tried once each the peppermint extract and the vanilla extract. The peppermint extract worked almost immediately - which is why I am making fresh mint tea tonight :)

tip: Put the mint leaves in the freezer for a few minutes before rinsing and putting in the teapot.

Esme did a few paintings today that I think are quite good.

A mama giraffe eating a tree and a baby giraffe eating leaves

a school with dark all around it and a brown bear outside
ie: why you can't go to school in the dark

A bee and a flower

Esme is four and a half years old, and she really likes painting. Only recently has she really decided to paint 'things' instead of just glob on the paint. She used to make a 'thing' once in a while, but lately she gets an idea and she can paint it if she puts her mind to it.

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