Monday, July 09, 2012


Esme, when offered to play a zombie game last night said: 'No thanks, oh no. I have my own computer, it is not scary. It is nice!' She had a long discussion earlier than that about how Mama is scared of that game and she is scared of that game, but Daddy is not scared of that game - he likes it. To that I turned to Mark and signed 'she is really growing up' so she could not hear me say it. HA. At one point when Daddy was playing the game a green 'transparent' slime went over a blood stain on the floor (it is zombies after all) and she pipes up it was like when she mixed with the green paint with the red paint on her paper, it turned brown. ??

She also said something that made me really raise an eyebrow yesterday - I am the 'new mama' that Daddy brought back from the water, she likes me. Visions of clones and robots go through my head thinking about that statement... trying to wrap my head around how she thinks about what happened there... but I think she is just stating that I am 'different' now, have been playing with her more or something... it was said while I was playing ball with her for a long time after work one night, when usually I stop early and go to do another task. In that way perhaps I am a 'new' mama.. I missed her and Mark so much I do appreciate what I have so much more than I even did before - and also the peace, calm and solitude, and the 'sense' that is made here in this house compared to my northern family... even my four year old makes more sense than some of the relatives there *ha*

She has been making more analogies lately - like pegasus horses are 'those horses are like ducks' and other less memorable ones. Her thinking has went slightly more abstract and that is visible in other things like trying to spell words, mix paint colors, explain processes like birds hatching or puppies being born, do more adding/subtracting, describe 'waiting' times and watching her attempt to draw things by making 'shapes that go together' instead of just straight copying of a form.

I made her a button-up tank top the other day and I've been busy working otherwise. I took some time to put a few seeds in the window, so that if this heat wave breaks we can plant a few more bean plants on the tomato cages. I have been harvesting yellow tomatoes constantly. The German Queen pink tomato and small Amish yellow tomatoes are now starting to ripen. The Tennessee greasy beans have lived - but I don't know if I will get seed out of them. The cowpeas have just begun to bloom. A lot of the rest of the garden has died :(

Off to work... long late shift tonight.

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Linda ladeewolf said...

Glad to hear that the insurance company will cover the car, sorry you lost so many things in it though, You must have been really scared when all that happened.

Sometimes I wonder what makes two people think so differently about surviving. You got it together, you sister fell apart. How is your mother, I hope she is better.