Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden bits with a meager harvest

morning glory

eggplants growing

gourds taking over a fencepost

cowpeas growing and blooming - I think they are Mississippi but will know in another week or so for sure.

a meager harvest

With the drought that occurred for the end of June and much of July, many things are just now clawing and coughing their way back to producing. That is, what did not die. And some of what I planted for a second round is struggling hard to survive the still hot temps with daily watering. I am hoping the beans are going to make it - and produce lots of good food for the fall here. I was reading articles today and it looks like the drought is going to hit lots of food prices hard next year... we really should have taken to raising pigs and chickens this year! But, I think we are not quite ready for it... still more to learn before we get there.

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mrspao said...

I really admire your efforts with your plot. :)

I could imagine you with chickens.