Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bits of this and that

Our garden from the back

same place from the front
Those cornstalks are not entirely dead - and they are supporting some beans as well.

florida speckled butter pea lima beans

A place I cleared and reclaimed to plant more corn

pimento peppers on the go again

The volunteer zinnias

An interesting 'double petals' specimen in the volunteers

collecting sunflower heads to dry for seed

some purplish ones in the mix

I cleared a space for more corn - my hands looked like a warzone when I was done. I hope there is enough time left in the season to get something out of it. Also planted a few new beans and some more packaged purple zinnias for Esme because hers did not come up. I was treated to a display of bravery between the hummingbirds - fighting and swooping at each other in the honeysuckle. Harvested a few small things... mostly just doing maintenance today. I should make soup - I have a counter of small tomatoes and black eyed peas and a pepper that needs to go in there. I took some dried sunflower heads and got the seeds out of them - bringing some to Grandma for her stash. I am afraid there are only a few stalks of sorghum out there - so might have to plant a bit more.

white kernel sorghum from storeroom
a few sunflower seeds - to test
red marigold head seeds - to test
Incredible sweet corn (85 days)
Lina Sisco bird's eggs beans (2nd run - 1st produced some, then died)
Kentucky Wonder brown seeded pole beans (2nd run - 1st died)
Purple package of zinnias

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Linda ladeewolf said...

I love the strawberry blonde sunflowers, I think I'll try to plant some next year, though all the crows and jays we have here might be a problem. Try a plain used T-bag on your tooth or some clove oil, it's nasty and stings but it might help. I planted some lettuce to late to late I think, only the caterpillars are enjoying it. I have sprayed and sprayed, though, I hate pesticides but they are still chewing away, It looks a lot like green Swiss cheese, I doubt that I will want to eat it, but the squash are doing okay.