Saturday, July 21, 2012

First day of vacation

Besides my earlier post about corn, this is also the first day of the last of my vacation for the year. I have a little over a week off. I have spent the morning home in the garden for a while, and now inside making something for Esme (and us, actually). This cardboard butterfly was made with an old box, some yarn and a needle and then paint. It is hanging above Esme's desk now up against the ceiling. I think the features turned out pretty good for not looking at anything and following instincts... it even ended up with 'legs' against its chest ;) Mark sharpened a knife to cut the box with, and I cut it out. Esme painted some of the black, pink and orange and then played on her bike until I had finished the rest.

about four feet wingspan

I cleared out all of the old cornstalks out of the main garden and have exposed another four foot by six foot bare space. I have to think if I am going to let it sit (who, me?) or what to put there for the summer to the fall.

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brilliant! gonna have to copy this!