Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday morning raining all over the place

Working on the sundress - it's being a little difficult, and not where I thought it would be. I put the front straps too far apart the first time. Then, before testing it, I did decorative overstitching to keep it from bunching in the wash. Then I found my mistake. GROWL. Now I'm trying to take it all out and really wishing my optometrist appointment wasn't a flop this morning. I can barely see all the little stitches even with my bad eye closed. I've rescheduled for next week - hopefully the doctor will make it this time. He said his roads were flooded and he couldn't get in to the office today. *sigh*

Hopefully I'll have some progress to show later. I'm glad to be using some spare fabric that was originally going to be more shorts for Esme - it was cheap and if I have to end up scrapping it I won't feel so bad as if I had begun working directly with the Jackson shop's blue dandelion fabric (7.00 yd. and that was one of their cheap ones).

NOTE: I'm not a girly girl myself - so this seems sort of out of character for me. I've been thinking about getting Esme a girl dolly soon - something with moveable limbs and hair, but none of the electronic junk. We were in the store waiting for my eye appt (which didn't happen) and three of the 'baby dolls' on the shelf turned their heads and started laughing at us. Seriously horror movie material. Esme was not amused at all, nor were we. But she was looking at the back of a food carton we have and it has a (sadly porcelain) doll with a dress and shoes and a hat and she said that was a pretty dolly she would like to serve her tea. She liked her shoes too - they looked a lot like Esme's Mary Jane shoes. I really, truly love the way Esme has began coming up with ideas like this, making connections and being creative.

This doll looks a lot like the food box doll, but with straight hair and more Esme's size doll at Amazon. I wouldn't want to spend that much on it, maybe for her birthday.. but that is a long way off. I'll keep my eyes open. If anyone else sees one they think is a good match, let me know!

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