Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We lost our bluetick coonhound last year to some hunters in the woods on our property. Mark saw the opportunity to get another one tonight and jumped at it. So, this little one has already been wrestled by Esme, sniffed and growled at (and generally accepted) by all of the rest of the animals, but has yet to get a name. Are we a little nuts? Does anyone remember that these dogs HOWL? Yes, we do - but we both still missed Kelba.

Other notes: This means for sure we won't be keeping any of Iggy's litter. We'll probably give them away next week. That's a little ironic because Esme has learned how to say Argent's name already - the one she was holding in the first pictures. Today she was telling him '"hi Argent! bye Argent!'

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