Thursday, May 06, 2010


Esme and I were drawing on her easel last night in the cool of the basement waiting for Daddy to come home with the new coonhound puppy. I made her up some cards from a mommy website I like to visit and she has been happy about them - even to the point of showing the puppies which shape is which etc... simple little fun. I've printed this one out now, too.

I drew her a lot of different shapes on her paper and she said 'write that down, write that down'. The cards have the names written beneath each shape. So, I wrote the names of the shape beneath them on the paper.

Esme: o---val
me: no, that one is a circle. a circle is like a cookie An oval is like an egg.
Esme: keeku? want keeku! want EGG!
me: get a cookie, show her it is like the circle
Esme : for you! (hands cookie to me)
me: ahh.. thanks.
Esme: (tug fridge door) want EGG!
me: *facepalm* no, you can have a cookie, but not an egg. Eggs can break.
Esme: hrrrmph! *sigh* ok (lick cookie filling), start pointing out to all the ovals and circles I drew on the paper and matching them to each other.

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