Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recharge my ambition!

I need to get more shorts made for Esme - and finish the things on my desk. So far it isn't happening. A whole week of the ten o clock blues just wouldn't let it happen. I have tomorrow off but we are planning to give away Iggy's puppies then - and then another week of up and downs until Wednesday of next week. *holds on tight*

In other news: Mark found strawberries outside in our garden. WOW. He cut them up and sugared them while I was at work. Tonight we are having them on ice cream and Esme has found out again that she really loves strawberries.

Tonight when putting Esme to bed I told her 'sit down in your bed and watch the show', which was Indiana Jones movie. I hear 'watch the show. not Sheep.' grumbled softly, then she picks up her Go Dog Go book and starts to read it instead.


ElizabethEK said...

Climb that ladder to.... a dog party!! Emily loves that book.

Have a great weekend.

RheLynn said...

haha! That's her favorite page :)
So much to see there.

Have a great weekend yourself!