Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pleats on this dress - how did they do that?

The pleats on this intrigue me - especially the way they migrate to the second yoke type, turning slightly inward but obviously it was the same pattern piece used differently.... HOW did they do that? I hope I won't have to buy the pattern to find out.

Remind yourself:
There are a pair of blue shorts waiting to be made + Esme needs lots more pants and shorts (ripped one pair today at the lake and never seem to have enough)

The green size 5 is still holding a lot of pins because you have never finished the bottom hem on it!

With the basic size patterns already in the box (dress, coat, pants in sizes 3, 4 and 5) - almost everything else is just trial and error.

Still one of my favorite things is to look through all of the patterns for sale on Ebay and find the bits of patterns that are interesting - make me wonder how they did that -- and wonder if I need to know badly enough to interrupt other projects I need to do. And especially, do I need to know badly enough to buy their pattern?


Jana said...

These dresses have always looked like skirts to me that are at the neck instead of at the waist. You'd need 2 times the fabric for the pleats. If you've ever made a pleated skirt it should give you some idea of how to make this. Hope that helps.

Maya Kuzman said...

Just as I wanted to procure the answer the Honey Bunny did it first!
If you have a pattern of a similar top/dress, (of course without the pleats) then you can put pins for the pleats on the fabric, (remember you need 2 times more fabric)and put the fabric onto the already existing pattern of the dress, adjust the pleats, and when you are satisfied with the look, sew them in place. I hope this is not confusing. Then you wouldn't have to buy the pattern