Monday, May 10, 2010

Our thinking creature

Some thoughts I want to save for later.
It still amazes me. I am standing in the bathroom about to brush my teeth - and there are two plants there that Grandma gave us yesterday. I hear Esme behind me say 'What is that?' clear as day (something not common for her at this age, yet) and then she turns around and runs off before I can answer. A moment later, she returns with a stepstool in hand and gets up there beside me to look at the plants. She asks where the flowers are. I told her they won't ever have flowers, they are just plants without flowers. She says 'hmmm..' in a discerning tone. Then she gets down and drags the stepstool back to the kitchen (because she gets in trouble if she leaves it where we can trip on it).

Later I am making my lunch for work and she drags the carrots out of the fridge - asks me for a plate because she needs carrots. I put the carrots on a plate and get ready to go upstairs and she starts crying 'no CHICKEN' If we are having carrots we need chicken. I get upstairs with it and say that maybe Daddy will make her some chicken later (it's too late for me to do it now, because of leaving for work). So she should eat the carrots now and maybe later he'll make chicken. She stuffs all the carrots into her mouth one after the other. Now she's 'all done' - and now there should be chicken. While she is talking to Daddy about how he needs to come make chicken happen on her empty plate (which is on the bed) I put some cheerio cereal on her plate. She gets back and stares open mouthed at the now full-again plate - NO OH NO oh no oh no! Food appeared on her plate but it wasn't what she wanted - and she doesn't know why Mom and Dad are laughing at her this hard.

Another thing - we borrowed Scrabble last night, and she 'assisted' in putting tiles on the board, telling us all the letters etc.. confused utterly by the blank pieces. This morning she is pointing at the box and saying 'P'. I am confused - you want to go pee? You did go pee? No. She stares a very 'you are idiot' stare at me and points directly at the box. 'I want a P.' She wants a letter P from the box. She's mad because I say no. Maybe Daddy will play with her later.

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