Sunday, May 23, 2010


Even more words than usual coming from our little Esme - and she is trying to repeat things that make us go 'huh?' The other day she was saying 'Danny Kaye' when he was on an episode of the Muppet show, and she was also singing 'Happy Birthday to you' to kitties on Caturday that had birthday cakes. Today she is saying 'bad alien' to a Simpsons cartoon episode where Mr.Burns looks like an alien and scares Homer. She was also trying to say 'iguana' to her Starfall letter 'I' and that was hilarious as she has to stretch her entire face from side to side and stick her tongue out to make the 'gw' noise. I'm just not sure what else she is going to say next and neither is she!

I hear Grandma got a couple of earfuls today too, very little of it understandable.

I love it :)

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