Monday, May 24, 2010

more verbal

We were on the phone with Nana last night from Minnesota and Mark was telling her about as a kid he had once slept through a tornado in a doublewide trailer. Esme pops up and says 'Double-U(letter W) Y?' It took me a second to figure out exactly what she meant but I cracked up laughing. She was about to go get us some letters to show us what she meant.

She also had a long conversation with me about glasses and 'cow shirt' and a few other things last night. She wants another cow shirt. I found the green fabric that I had made the old one from (and she was wearing that one at the moment) and she draped it all over her and walked around hugging it for a while. But I told her I had no more 'cow' to put on the cow shirt (cow fabric), so I couldn't make another cow shirt. She went through my fabric some, to the extent I would let her, and was looking for 'cow.'

This morning it was thunderstorming outside and she says 'what's that?' I say it's thunder and Mark says the big doggie Bunny is afraid of it. We told her she had to tell the doggie it was alright and she would be okay etc.. and she hugged her and petted her and said 'alright? you okay? thunder okay.' etc...

I tried to sew a shirt last night for Esme but it was just too HOT, and that was eleven o'clock at night. That means we'll have to turn the A/C on soon... trying to put it off a bit longer.

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