Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The ten o clock blues (and purples)

Working every morning at ten o'clock this week, every day... *sigh* Anyway. That means I get home with just a few hours until "bedtime" rolls around for Esme, OR I stay up until nearly midnight with her and she isn't awake the next morning when I am getting ready for work. It's a tradeoff.

Tonight while she was eating her dinner I was working a bit more on the purple dress. This is sewing geekery time. I decided not to try to make it pleated like the picture I posted - made a mistake early on that means this particular cloth can't do that now. I think I did save the cloth, though. With a little recutting on one piece I saved the skirt cloth and just have to add some sleeves. One sleeve is in, another is pinned in - and then put a button on the back and a hem around the bottom. Esme says it's pretty. It's a nylon purple gingham, it might not last through many washings... but it will be cool to wear while it does.

We'll see... but it does look like a pretty purple and sparkly stripes (scrap from what Elizabeth sent us a while back) dress is in the near future.

/ten o'clock blues end on Friday... but I think we already have that day planned out for us.

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