Monday, May 24, 2010

White dress

Tried to make a white dress out of the lightest muslin I had - did some last night and some this morning and just finished it right now. Esme brought every toy she had to me and piled them at my feet - all night playing little games with her elsewhere and then getting back to doing a little more... etc. Then she fell asleep on a floor pillow by me with all the toys still spread everywhere on the floor. The dress is just a tiny bit big on her - but it looks like it will fit well soon. We are going to the flea market tomorrow if it isn't raining and we wake up on time (it's very late now) and are invited to a barbeque at a coworker's place in Henry, TN. Mikey from work is going as well with her little ones so we hope Esme can play with her youngest.


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