Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dream Bag Weaving, old and new

The weaving for the dream bag is continuing along. Here it is compared with the old (and well-used) dream bag, that usually resides under my pillow, so as to lie just under my ear as I sleep.

So, what is in a dream bag? It would be different for every person. I put in special items that I feel are important. My items are symbols representing links to certain people, qualities and structures that are either important to who I am, or to what I am seeking to dream about. Some items stay in the bag for years, while others come in and out depending on the topics most important to me at the current time.

I think dreams are important, especially 'strong' dreams. When I have those 'pay attention - you're here IN this dream and things are happening around you in real-time' lucid-type dreams, I do pay attention - and see what they might be telling me. Sometimes I get an idea of what is important, or wrong, or needing attention in my waking life - that I have been forgetting or trying to avoid. I view the whole dream experience as a subconscious experiment - another way of gathering and sorting information with my subconscious. (For those of you who have read a little bit about my ink art - you will see this connection in their purpose, as well.) The dreams are rich in symbolism and often 'wacky' in their structure -- but usually upon waking I have a 'Oh Wow' moment - where I understand what my brain was saying and what I need to do with this information while I am awake.

So, do I really think this bag, or the things inside it, makes a difference? In other words, why do this? I think, at the very least, it helps make a focus point, putting things together in my mind just before I sleep that carry over, psychologically, into the 'dream world' of my subconscious. I have a very visual mind, as well, so making a visual symbol with attached meanings helps me personally, to carry over, better than simply thinking 'I want to dream about X.'


Anonymous said...

I'd rather let my subconcious dream than try to direct them with my concious will, I get more out of them that way. It's sometimes really astounding that while I think X is the problem, it's really A and Y.

Ladeewolf said...

I always have a problem remembering my dreams. The ones I need to remember are the ones that are the most difficult. Would a dream bag be okay done in crochet?
I have several small looms-but am better with my hooks.

Lynn said...

What a great explanation of such a wonderful talisman.
Monday I will post about a talisman I am working on.
I think it is amazing that folks who are creative press towards their introspective art when the winter bites cold and we dream about spring.

Obsidian Kitten said...

what a beautiful new bag you're making! i love the new colors.

sometimes i used to sleep with things under my pillow (although i never had a dream bag for them)--crystals or small stones, notes to myself or the universe, or other special small objects, very much for the same reason, to keep them close to my subconscious while i slept.

for while i kept a dream journal by my bed too b/c i found i had trouble remembering my dreams.

maybe it's time to make myself a dream bag. thx for a great (and powerful) idea...

Chris said...

Your weaving is lovely! And you have me thinking about dream bags - I have a tiny bag that I used to wear that was pretty much a dream bag. Hmm.

RheLynn said...

CarrieK: You're right - maybe sometimes I'm just telling my conscious to pay attention to certain things the subconscious may be talking about -- but having that dialogue (things going both ways) is what is really intriguing for me.

Linda: Yes! Go at it with your hooks if that is your process of creation!

Thanks Everyone! I'd love to see other people's idea of dream bags and how they use them!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dream bag :)